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We provide a wide variety of activities, most of which are peer reviewed, recently published in a recognized medical journal and of which the content is relevant to the South African context.

All activities are accredited individually by a Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) approved accreditor to ensure compliance with the letter and spirit of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Topics of activities are chosen to relate to already accredited material to allow the user to build on acquired knowledge.

You can search for activities according to your profession, your professional board, key words, number of points and content (clinical / professional ethics).

There is an online system for each profession which allows the user to choose between various categories for clinical activities best suited to his / her field of practice.

Activities in Professional Ethics and Law are not always profession specific due to ethical principles that are common to all professions. However, for each activity, or where applicable, we highlight the relevance thereof to specific professions.

There currently is an online system for medical practitioners (MP), which includes general practitioners (GP), radiologists, gynaecologists, and orthopaedic surgeons.

After completion of an activity a CPD certificate is generated immediately; this can be printed and / or downloaded and stored electronically.

After successful completion of an activity, a CPD certificate will be generated. All these are captured and combined in an Individual Activity Record (IAR) of which the format is accepted by the HPCSA. This record can then be printed and / or downloaded and stored electronically. When you receive an audit from the HPCSA, you can forward this record to the HPCSA.

Our system allows you to make secure payments online with Sage Pay Now. The Pay Now service accepts only Credit Cards.

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